A new look at an age old tradition...

This Christmas season, in addition to buying from small, intentional shops, ethical companies, and fellow creative businesses, we’re looking for vintage and second-hand pieces that can make our gift giving a little more unique.

Okay, so be honest- do you cringe a little when thinking about gifting someone a secondhand or vintage item? If so, why? In our culture, we tend to think brand new-ness is essential in giving an acceptable gift. I’ve operated in this mindset for quite some time, but I’d love to share some of the reasons I think looking beyond the big box stores for meaningful gifts can benefit you and the people you love.


Ever heard the phrase “They just don’t make them like they used to…?” Buying an item that’s seen some years has not just stood the test of time, but most likely was crafted with a higher quality of materials in the first place. If you’re looking to shop on a budget, but want to give something well made and intentional, a statement brass candlestick set with a perfect patina could make a dreamy gift at a much lower price point than buying brand new.

Another reason I love vintage and gathered items, is for the character they often possess. An original oil painting in a well worn, wooden frame, or a hand-thrown earthenware vase just gives me all the feels. The warmth and beauty that one of a kind pieces add to the story of a home is unmatched by mass produced, trendy products that often lack value and mindfulness.

I believe the true joy of gift giving comes when you discover something perfect for someone that you care about. Isn’t that the best moment? It could be super specific like a quirky figurine of their favorite woodland creature, or maybe something that harkens to a memory you made- like a vintage map of a country you visited together. Shopping for gifts that have meaning and show thoughtfulness, can help add excitement and value to what often feels like an overwhelming venture. 



I hope you’ll join me in being intentional with your giving this season, and consider sharing a gift that still has a story to tell. May we listen to what resonates with our souls and lines up with our intentions, as we navigate the many opportunities to spend that are before us in this season of heavy consumerism. 

I’d love to hear your thoughts on gifting second-hand and vintage items and how you make gift giving an intentional practice in your life.


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  • Good for you doing something fun and positive. I hapened upon your site as it’s to give me ideas for m own site Im trying to build. S just want to say good job. Lol still don’t want what I’m ding
    • cbelle
  • This is great!

    • Logan