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Back in March, right before official quarantine, I panicked and purchased paint to update a few rooms in our house. I definitely fell into the "this is my chance to get all of the home projects done" club during our stay at home order. Anyone else hit up home depot for all the things?

Turns out, the last few months have actually been quite full. The one room I did manage to get painted and re-styled is my bathroom, and I thought it may be fun to share the before and afters of the redesign, along with some details of the fresh pieces I added.

 Previously, the walls were a bright, blue tinted white. I'm pretty sure a former owner painted white over sky blue, but didn't put on enough coats, so it looked white but had a subtle hint of blue, hiding in plain sight.
I had decorated very neutral (what... me, neutral?) and natural, and leaned into the blue a little bit with some textiles, along with dusty desert tones.
To change things up, I knew I wanted to go with a bold color. I figured with it being the smallest room in the house- if I hated it, I could always paint it again without too much hassle.
I ended up with a rich, mossy green. My mother has assured me, it's technically neutral. I don't know about official color rules, but it definitely gave me the change I was hoping for.
I gave the vanity a couple of fresh coats of white paint, covering the blue tinted white cabinets that previously matched the walls. I opted to paint the tall cabinet door the wall color, given it’s size and proportion to the space.
This vintage brass tray adds a rich warmth to the brightness of the tile, as well as tidies up the counter, creating a more intentional purpose for the items on display. The natural jute rug gives organic texture and grounds the room a bit with it's oblong shape and design. 
 In an attempt to avoid a jungle safari look, I wanted to keep it bright and fresh and not let the wicker get too out of control. Being a small room, a little goes a long way. Copper and brass are a match made in heaven and I love highlighting vintage pieces in bright spaces like this.
Who doesn't love a beautiful statement piece of art? I recently scored this sketch at an estate sale, mounted and framed it in this simple white frame from amazon. 
This lady is the best part of the update, in my opinion and I love the way the aged paper looks against that mossy green wall. Mmm dreamy! 
 A friend recently passed this sweet, wooden stool along to me- perfect for little house guests to reach the sink.
I've minimized my jewelry collection quite a bit over the past couple of years, and I like to keep my current favorites and most worn pieces easily accessible in a little basket by my sink. This beautiful print is from the talented Jessica Durrant and felt like the perfect finishing touch for this room. 
Overall, I didn't make any huge structural changes to this bathroom, but it always amazes me what fresh paint, some curated decor pieces and a little imagination can do for a room.
And finally, never ever underestimate the power of a hanging pothos.

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